This short blog will provide a step-by-step guide to using our simple,accurate and convenient rubber roof quote tool.

 Step One:
  • Measure the length and width of the roof that you want to cover, you can use either Metric or Imperial measurement systems as our EPDM Calculator will process either.
  • Enter your measurements into the calculator and select ‘Next Step.’
  • Note: if the roof you wish to cover with EPDM is a non-conventional shape (such as an L-shape), then you can separate your roof into rectangular sections and use our EPDM Calculator to quote for each individual section.
Step Two:
  • This next step will require you to specify which types of edges surround the roof you’ll be applying the EPDM rubber to.
  • You can individually select a type of edge for each of the four sides of the roof area from a pop-up list containing the following options:
    • Wall – This edge will be up against a wall.
    • Gutter Drip – Water will run off this edge, possibly into a gutter.
    • Kerb – This edge does not adjoin another roof / wall or gutter but I need to prevent water running over the edge.
    • Slope Onto – A sloping roof runs on to this edge.
    • Slope Off – Water runs off this edge on to a sloping or pitched roof.
    • Rubber Join – This edge is joined to another rubber roof (i.e. L-shaped roofs).
    • Felt Join – This edge joins on to an adjoining felt roof.
    • Own Trims – I have my own trims or will use a timber batten / fascia board to secure the rubber membrane.

Note: given the difference between your roof size measurements and the necessary rubber size, Rubber Flat Roof add 200mm extra on each side of your EPDM rubber order, which will cover most edge situations.

  • After selecting the types of edges for your roof, you can chose between Black and White colour trims for your EPDM order.
  • Finally, select the thickness of the EPDM rubber roof membrane you require, we offer either 1.14 mm or 1.52 mm membranes.
  • Once you have made all the necessary choices, select ‘Next Step.’
Step Three:
  • The next stage of the EPDM Calculator process will provide you with a quote.
  • This will be a detailed quote, providing a breakdown of all the products you will need to complete the rubber roofing process including product codes, product descriptions, quantities, individual unit prices and total cost.
  • After reviewing the quote, if satisfied, select ‘Next Step’.
Step Four:
  • The final stage of our EPDM Calculator will automatically add all the items, in the quantity and at the prices specified in Step Three’s quote breakdown, to your online basket for order completion.

The purpose of our EPDM Calculator is to make the quoting and ordering process as simple and convenient as possible for our customers. If we can help in making your EPDM rubber roofing experience easier in any other way, or if you have any questions regarding your rubber roofing needs or the process of using our EPDM Calculator, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Rubber Flat Roof office on 01392 927729.