Repair of EPDM Membrane

While you can rely on the longevity and durability of Rubber Flat Roof’s materials, your roof will be exposed to the elements all year round, where debris or extreme weather could potentially affect the quality of your roof. It is worth carrying out a roof maintenance inspection of your rubber roof after rain, high winds or hail to see how well the water is draining away.

When carrying out a rubber roof maintenance inspection, the first things to look out for are:
  • Tears
  • Punctures
  • Sagging
  • Holes in the membrane

If your membrane is punctured, repairs of EPDM rubber flat roofing can be made easily by:

  1. Cleaning the membrane with Membrane Cleaner.
  2. Priming the area with Seam Tape Primer, using a Scrub Pad at least 10.16cms in all directions from the  puncture.
  3. After the primer has flashed off, cut a piece of Cured Cover Strip with Tape 7.62cms larger than the puncture and round corners. Remove the backing and place over the puncture.

You can purchase a small repair kit from our website here.