QuickLiner EPDM Rubber (1.04mm) for Ponds, sheds & garages

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    Quickliner 1.04mm EPDM products are the perfect solution for your garage, shed or pond. Some of the membrane features and benefits are:

    • It is simple and easy to install and here at Rubber Flat Roof, we have installation videos and tutorials.
    • Unlike Asphalt products which are heat applied, EPDM is cold applied – no need for expensive welding equipment!
    • EPDM membranes are fitted in single sheets (1.04mm membrane is available up to 6.1m in width x 30m long) which greatly reduces the risk of leaks. In the unlikely case of damage, however, EPDM membranes are easy to patch repair
    • Joints and seams integrity is not an issue
    • Lastly, EPDM Rubber Flat Roofing is environmentally friendly and recyclable

    IMPORTANT: Please clean the rubber before use
    If you require a different size please call our Customer Service Team on 01392 927729 for a quote.