Protecting RUBBERALL® Membrane In High Foot Traffic Areas (Decks)

IMPORTANT: The EPDM Membrane is not designed as a final walking surface and should be protected from excessive foot traffic. The following are options to be considered:

Covering with Walkway Pads

Walkway Pads (Peel & Stick) are 76.2 x 76.2cms skid resistant, moulded EPDM pads that can be adhered to the membrane in much the same manner as laying tile:

  • Clean the membrane with Membrane Cleaner if it is heavily soiled.
  • Lay the pad in place and mark the area where the membrane will contact the tape. Leave 35mm gap between pads for drainage.
  • Remove the walkway pad and apply Seam Tape Primer  to the area where the tape will contact the membrane using a Scrub Pad.
  • Peal the backing paper from the tape and place the pad into position. Apply heavy hand pressure or use a roller to ensure the tape is secured to the membrane.

You may also use rubber to rubber adhesive over the entire Walkway Pad and membrane to fully adhere. Refer back to section on rubber to rubber adhesion for more information.


Covering With Wood Deck

When installing a wood deck over an EPDM membrane, the deck sleepers should be laid over an extra piece of membrane called a separator sheet. The separator sheet should extend a minimum of 50.8mms past the sleeper on all sides and should be adhered with Seam Tape.

Do not attach the sleepers through the membrane. The deck should be secured at a side wall, post, or perimeter area.

Covering With Exterior Grade Carpet

When attaching an outdoor carpet, use any exterior grade adhesive and install according to carpet manufacturer’s instructions.

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