Rubberall 6″ Flashing Tape / Lin metre

Rubberall 6″ Flashing Tape / Lin metre

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Rubberall 6″ Flashing Tape is specifically designed to form around awkward features, pipes, penetrations and drain outlets and any other feature where the ability to stretch and form the material is required such as sealing external corners, skylight flashing, creating a waterproofing layer at a wall interface or flashing-in drainage accessories.

The Rubberall 6″ Uncured Flashing Tape is available by Linear meter or in a 30.48m Roll

Also available in:-

9″ Flashing Tape x 15.24m Roll or per Lin. m
12″ Flashing Tape x 15.24m Roll or by Lin. m

How to use:-

The Rubberall EPDM membrane and adjoining surfaces receiving the Rubberall Uncured Flashing must be clean, dry, and free from dust and dirt. Wherever uncured flashing tapes are to be used the surface must be primed with Rubberall Seam Tape Primer and allowed to dry to touch. Then adhere Flashing Tape to the primed surface.

General: This product usually has increased adhesion value when aged.

  • Elevated temperature usually encountered in single ply roof installations will cause the product to cure tighter, therefore, developing the increased test values due to the cross-linking that occurs during extrusion and thereafter, the product benefits.
  • Rubberall flashing tapes allow a time saving flashing detail
  • Superior performance over the full range of environmental conditions
  • Quick tack from high to low temperature
  • Once installed, resists tearing, cracking and abrasion in all weather conditions

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