Having parapet walls on your roof is no hassle with an EPDM Rubber Through Wall Drain Outlet. 

The EPDM Rubber Through Wall Drain Outlet is a synthetic EPDM rubber outlet for use on flat roofs with parapet walls to form a through wall outlet so that water can be dispersed into a drain hopper or a similar soak away. The installation of the EPDM Parapet Roof Drain couldn’t be simpler. The drain outlet is easy to install and has a smart finish.

How to install:

Typically, installation should be carried out with a 3° slope. To ensure success, make sure you follow the steps listed below:

  • Installation should be carried out with a 3° slope.
  • Install the EPDM Rubber as normal for a parapet wall finish.
  • Identify the outlet location and cut a cross into the rubber, large enough to allow the outlet through.
  • Apply Water Cut Off Mastic to the back of the angled flange and then push the outlet through the opening until it meets with the parapet wall and the roof surface.
  • Once in position mechanically fix the outlet into place, then apply EPDM Primer to the outlet and membrane.
  • Wait for this to dry – then proceed to install Uncured Flashing Tape to seal the outlet to the membrane. Cutaway any excess covering the parapet outlet. (Flashing should overlap onto the Rubber by 50mm to create a sufficient seal against water ingress).
  • Use a securing band of Uncured Flashing Tape if joining the outlet to any pipe extensions.
  • Finally, insert a leaf guard or gravel gate to prevent obstructions from entering the drain (if required).

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