How to Fit an EPDM Rubber Shed Roof

UV, Ozone and Infrared stable, with no cracking, blistering or peeling - an EPDM Rubber Shed Roof Kit is the perfect choice for your shed roof.

An EPDM Rubber Shed Roof Kit is an inexpensive and convenient way to smarten up your shed. Designed with the homeowner in mind, installing an EPDM Rubber Shed Roof Kit takes only a few hours and it is a straightforward and easy process. We offer a range of guides and video tutorials for a hassle-free installation, but if you do have any queries, please do get in touch.

What you will need:
  • EPDM Rubber Membrane (included within the kit)
  • QuickBond 1600 Adhesive (included within the kit)
  • Roller
  • Soft Broom
  • Scissors
  • Trims (optional)
How to Install:
  • Remove existing timber edge trims and put them to one side if they can be reused. Remove the old roof covering, any exposed nails and replace any rotten deck boards.
  • Ensure that the deck surface is clean, dry and free from contaminants and dust.
  • Unwrap the EPDM Rubber and place onto the shed roof – ensure there is equal coverage. Wait half an hour for EPDM to relax.
  • Fold back half of the EPDM Rubber Roof Membrane to expose the timber deck underneath and apply the QuickBond 1600 evenly with a roller.
  • Roll the membrane back into a position while the adhesive is still wet, use a soft broom to ensure no air is trapped underneath the membrane.
  • Repeat the process for the other half of the roof.
  • Using scissors cut off any excess EPDM Rubber Roof Membrane, leaving 50mm overhang (approximately).
  • Fold the membrane back on itself and fix with trims.

If you have any queries, please get in touch with our friendly team. Call us if you are unsure about the materials you need for your roof on 01392927729 or email You can also check out our Roof Calculator that estimates all the materials you will need for your rubber roofing project.