Adhering Membrane with Solvent-Based Bonding Adhesive

Fold the sheet onto itself so that half of the sheet is exposed and take care to avoid wrinkles.

Open and thoroughly stir the Solvent Based Bonding Adhesive (available in either 3.785 or 18.93 ltr containers). Using a solvent accepting paint roller, apply the Solvent Based Bonding Adhesive to the substrate and the EPDM sheet at a rate of 60 square feet per gallon. The adhesive must be applied to 100% of both surfaces in an even coat without globs or puddles. Allow the adhesive to dry to finger-touch, tacky but not stringy. If the membrane is adhered to the substrate before the adhesive has dried, blisters will form under the membrane. Smaller blisters will normally disappear after a few days without causing the membrane to loosen from the substrate over time.

Fluff air under the top half of the sheet and roll the sheet onto the glued substrate. It is important to roll from the middle of the sheet first, followed by the ends, (shown in Figure 3).

Do not let the ends of the sheet roll ahead of the middle as this will cause wrinkles.

With a stiff broom, lightly brush the fully adhered portion of the sheet to the substrate to insure 100% adhesion. Do not apply too much pressure as to cause the EPDM to wrinkle.

Remove the duct tape from the upper half of the membrane panel. Fold back the remaining unglued portion of the sheet and repeat the process.

If installing more than one sheet, always work up the roof so that water flows over and not against the lapping edges. Allow the next sheet to overlap the one already installed by 3″. Use duct tape to hold this sheet in place. Again, lay the sheet back halfway and apply Bonding Adhesive to both surfaces and proceed as you did with the first sheet.

NOTE: Do not apply bonding adhesive to seam areas (see figure 8). Thus, no bonding adhesive should be applied to the rubber already installed, and no bonding adhesive should be applied to the 7.62 to 15.24cms overlap on the subsequent sheet. Seam tape primer and seam tape is recommended when seaming membrane to membrane.

Hint: If bonding adhesive is in area to be seamed, apply duct tape to adhesive, roll with hand roller and peel off duck tape. If any adhesive remains, repeat process.