Wall Termination

Always extend the membrane up the wall a minimum of 30.48cms. When using wood shakes, or other siding materials, a Termination Bar is not required if the siding material is brought down at least 20.32cms below the top of the EPDM sheet. All siding must be kept a minimum of 10.16cms above the roof deck.

Determine the height of the finished wall flashing (30.48cms height or less, if job conditions won’t allow) and the placement of the aluminium Termination BarChalk a line at this level. Peel the top of the wall flashing from the wall to the chalk line and apply a heavy bead of Water Cut-Off Mastic between the EPDM and wall. The mastic should be applied so that the final position of the Termination Bar will be directly over the Water Cut-Off Mastic.

Fasten the Termination Bar with nylon/metal anchor pins, or aluminium sheet metal screws. Install a fastener in every pre-drilled hole. Remove excess membrane that extends above the Termination Bar and apply Lap Caulk to the top of the Termination Bar.