Terminating RUBBERALL® On Fascia

Bring the EPDM membrane over the edge of roof by approximately 10.16cms. This will result in the membrane wrapping over an inside or outside corner to create a flap. Then, tack to one side of the fascia with a roofing nail. Using a Termination Bar, in either 1.524mtrs or 3.048mtrs length, and an appropriate length screw, secure the Termination Bar with a screw in every hole. Leave a 6.35mm gap between Termination Bars for expansion.

Termination Bar can easily be bent around an outside corner. With a utility knife cut excess membrane from the bottom side of the Termination Bar and apply a bead of Lap Caulk to the top. It is also advisable to put a spot of Lap Caulk over each screw to prevent water from penetrating around screw and rotting the fascia.