Roof Edge Termination with Metal Drip Edge

First, you need to fully bond the membrane over the roof ege and then allow the membrane to extend past the previous roofline and nail it every 1.219mtrs centrally.

Prior to installing the metal drip edge, sand the metal with sand-paper. Next, install using galvanized deck screws or galvanized ring shank nails every 15.24cms centrally.

Using the Membrane Cleaner and a clean cotton cloth, clean the metal and the membrane to be seamed. Using a Scrub Pad, apply the primer to the metal and field membrane using back and forth motions along the entire length of the metal edge. To ensure 100% adhesion, always apply the primer to an area that is wider than the Cured Cover Strip with Tape. After the Seam Tape Primer Plus has flashed off, install the Cured Cover Strip with Tape 13mm in from the outside edge of the metal drip edge. Roll the entire cover strip with a small hand roller.

When splicing two pieces of Cured Cover Strip with Tape, allow for a minimum lap of 10.16cms. After properly rolling the entire Cover Strip, install a 15.24cm Uncured Flashing with Tape over any T-Joints