Protrusion In The Roof

Measure the width and depth of the unit and transfer the corresponding dimensions onto the folded EPDM rubber membrane. Draw an X inside the box. Cut the X mark and from one corner cut a straight line to the nearest edge of the membrane. Roll the membrane around the unit, leaving a triangle of membrane turning up all four (4) sides. Using a standard paper punch or scissors, punch or cut a round hole at every angle change of the EPDM rubber membrane at the outside corners. (This will prevent the cut in the membrane from continuing.)

After all cuts are made, and the membrane has been correctly positioned, fold the EPDM rubber membrane back and begin bonding procedures. After the field EPDM rubber membrane is complete, bond the triangles up the sides of the unit (chimney, skylight, etc.). Take care to bond the EPDM rubber membrane into the angle change so that the EPDM rubber membrane is completely adhered. Membrane should travel up the wall at least 30.48cms or to the top of the opening if it is less than 30.48cms.