At Rubber Flat Roof, we supply the very best, high-quality Quicktrim. Quicktrim is an environmentally friendly roof edge detail that maintains a long life of high performance. It is a versatile product thanks to its light and strong material and is easy to install. Our roof edge trims include ready-made corners and prepared 2.5m lengths.

Any repairs are easy to fix due to the high-quality joint and seam integrity.

Rubberall EPDM Membrane’s high resistance to UV rays means no coatings are required. In addition:

  • The saturated polymer backbone allows for strong resistance to weathering, high heats, and temperature. 
  • Furthermore, the chemical properties of EPDM result in a very low risk of oxidation and any related damage.

At Rubber Flat Roof, we sell:

For a professional finish to your Rubberall EPDM Flat Roofing project, always fit the robust and easy-to-install Quicktrim roof edge system.

Check out our Roof Quote Tool that provides you with your complete EPDM set, including trims, to fit your flat roof!

If you have an queries, please get in touch with our friendly team. Call us if you are unsure about the materials you need for your roof on 01392927729 or email sales@rubberflatroof.co.uk. You can also check out our Roof Calculator that estimates all the materials you will need for your rubber roofing project.

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