Pipe or Conduit Flashings using Uncured Flashing with Tape

When a pipe or conduit is encountered that cannot be flashed with a Peel and Stick Pipe Boot, the protrusion must be flashed using 2-plys of Uncured Flashing with Tape.

  1. Make sure to clean the protrusion and remove any loose flashings. Using the Scrub Pad, apply Seam Tape Primer around the protrusion.
  2. Cutting from Uncured Flashing with Tape, install a 15.24cms wide piece extending 10.16cms up the protrusion and 50.8mm onto the roof deck. Wrap the entire protrusion, allowing a 50.8mm overlap of each flashing. Use as many pieces as necessary to flash the pipe.
  3. After the first ply is completed, install the second ply using 12″ of Uncured Flashing with Tape. Wrap the protrusion with 9″ of Uncured Flashing with Tape extending up the protrusion, and 10.16cms onto the roof deck. Make sure to stagger the end laps of the Uncured Flashing with Tape so that one lap is not directly over another. Use as many pieces as necessary to complete the flashing detail.
Note: It is recommended to extend the flashings above the roof deck a minimum of 20.32cms. Wrap the entire protrusion with another ply of Uncured Flashing with Tape to attain the desired height. Make sure to overlap the top of the prior ply a minimum of 50.8mm.

Always extend the new EPDM flashings above any old flashings that may remain on the protrusion. Clean and apply Lap Caulk to the flashings.

Do not install a Pipe Boot Clamp over Uncured Flashing with Tape.