Perimeter Walls & Inside Corners

Stick the field sheet to the substrate until the membrane reaches the wall. Apply Bonding Adhesive to the folded membrane and the wall area. Starting at the base or angle change between the corner and opposite end of each wall, begin to roll the EPDM sheet up and along the wall to form a wall flashing. Roll the excess EPDM material toward the corner. Take care to thoroughly stick the membrane into the angle change before rolling the membrane up the walls. Broom or hand rub the flashings to ensure 100% adhesion.

Note: Wall Flashings should extend a minimum of 30.48cms above the roof deck.

When one side is flashed in, (A), begin the other side, (B). When both walls are flashed in, all excess material should form a pocket in the corner.

Clean the inside and outside of the pocket with Membrane Cleaner and apply Primer to both sides of the pocket. Allow the adhesive to dry, tacky to the touch but not stringy.

Note: It is important to bond the wall flashing on each side of the corner as tightly into the corner as possible.

Starting at the base of the inside corner pocket, press the two glued surfaces together. Following standard seaming procedures attach the pocket to either wall (see Figure 12). Install a 15.24cms Cured Cover Strip with Tape extending from the bottom of the pocket fold to the top (see Figure 23).