Peel and Stick Pipe Boot

  1. Select the proper size of Multi-Diameter Peel and Stick Pipe Boot and cut the pipe boot above the thick index ring. Do not cut diagonally through the index ring. The pipe boot should fit snugly over the pipe.
  2. Install the pipe boot over the pipe and turn the boot inside out exposing the bottom of the boot flange. Apply Seam Tape Primer at least 25.4cms in all directions from the pipe. Remove seam tape release paper from the pipe boot. Pull the pipe boot down and adhere it to the field membrane (see Figure 15). Roll adhesive area with a steel roller.
  3. Pull the top of the pipe boot back and apply Water Cut-Off Mastic between the pipe and boot. Bring the boot back into position and remove any excess Water Cut-Off Mastic. Install a stainless steel adjustable clamp ring over the pipe boot. Apply Lap Caulk around the top of the boot.