1. Prior to installing any flashings, use the Scrub Pad and apply Seam Tape Primer Plus to all areas to be flashed. Cut Uncured Flashing with Tape 15.24cms wide by 20.32cms long. Cut the corners round to prevent inadvertent peeling. After the Primer Plus has dried, fold one end of the flashing 25mms from the end. Place the membrane against the vertical surface so that half the flashing is on either side of the corner. Fold the flashing around the corner and adhere to the vertical surface. The flashing should extend 50.8mms onto the roof deck, and 15.24cms up the vertical.

Uncured Flashing with Tape comes in Patches (30.48 x 30.48cms) and rolls (30.48cms x 7.62mtrs or 15.24cms x  30.48mtrs).

     2. Bond the flashing at each corner and stretch the middle away from corner as the flashing is mated to the field membrane.

IMPORTANT: All stretching should be done in the middle of the flashing.
    1. The second layer of Uncured Flashing with Tape should be installed following the same flashing procedures as the first, but using 30.48cms x 30.48cms Uncured Flashing with Tape (see Figure 19c). This flashing should extend onto the roof at a minimum of 10.16cms and up the vertical wall at a minimum of 20.32cms.
    2. If it is necessary to add flashing membrane to attain a taller flashing detail, cut the field membrane to the desired dimensions and adhere the new membrane over the previously installed membrane and flashing details using Rubber to Rubber Adhesive.
IMPORTANT: Always extend the new flashings above any existing membranes or flashing materials.