One Piece Drain Sleeve

Drain Sleeve Inserts are used when the existing drain does not have a clamping ring assembly. However, they can also be used when the existing drain cannot be taken up, properly cleaned or incorporated into the new roofing system.

Note: Before beginning the re-roof project, thoroughly clean the existing drain. Do not allow debris to clog the drain pipe. The new Drain Sleeve Insert should be lower than the new roof system surface.

Install the field membrane over the drain. Cut a circle the size of the Drain Sleeve Pipe directly over the existing drain. Following the standard seaming procedure, clean the field membrane and Drain Sleeve Insert with Membrane Cleaner.

Apply Primer to the field membrane and the bottom of the drain inserts. After the adhesives have flashed off, apply a heavy bead of Water Cut-Off Mastic above each back up ring and at the angle change of the drain bowl.

Next, insert the drain sleeve into the existing drain. If it is necessary to mechanically fastern the Drain Sleeve, use the proper length deck screws with 50.8mms or 7.62mms plates.

After the Drain Sleeve Insert has been installed, using standard seaming procedures, install a “target patch” to extend 15.24cms on all sides, past the edge of the Drain Sleeve Insert. Cut the target hole 2.54cms larger than the strainer securing ring.

Clean all seam edges with Membrane Cleaner and apply a 6.35mm bead of Lap Caulk. Insert the strainer ring into the drain bowl and install the strainer.