How Can a Rubber Roof Add Value to Your Home?

How Can a Rubber Roof Add Value to Your Home?

You may be wondering what overall value would be added to your home when purchasing a rubber flat roof instead of another type of roof, such as a felt roof. This article will detail the benefits of installing a rubber flat roof and the value which a rubber flat roof will bring to your home, including the longevity of the materials, and the low-risk and easy installation.

While most felt flat roofs will last for 10 years or less, our 1.2mm and 1.5mm rubber come with a 20 and 30-year warranty respectively. Therefore meaning that you could easily be expecting more than 3 decades out of your roof, giving you more than 3 times the peace of mind that a felt roof would be able to give, due to the advanced weather and waterproof technology inside of our EPDM rubber.

Not only will a rubber flat roof save you time, due to how long it lasts, it is also far more cost effective than having to repurchase materials to replace your deteriorated felt roof every few years. Building a rubber flat roof also does not require any expensive special tools, therefore saving you more money.

Unlike building a felt roof, a rubber flat roof has a much lower risk to install. As it is cold applied you will not have to use an open flame to join the rubber together like you have to do with felt, therefore decreasing the risk to your home when installing the roof and also meaning that you don’t have to purchase any special tools. The EPDM rubber comes in one large sheet which can be cold-applied to your roof with the adhesives which we supply.

Not only will a rubber flat roof add value to your home it will give you peace of mind for decades to come. Your home will be waterproofed, weatherproof and insulated – with a proper installation your EPDM membrane will save you time and money.