What is Quicktrim?

The original (and still the best!) flat roofing edge trim, Quicktrim – which was designed for the EPDM flat roofing market and has been successfully used: With Other flat roofing membranes, such as TPO.

Quicktrirn is environmentally friendly, takes half the time to install and looks great when installed.

  • Speed – Quicktrim. can cut by half the time it takes to finish a roof edge detail.
  • Easy to use – Quicktrim. is light and strong, it Will appeal to contractors and DIY alike. Can be fitted in wet conditions on any waterproof roofing membrane. The ready-made internal and external corners and prepared 2.5 metre lengths make fitting a doddle!
  • Unique Design – Quicktrim, tried and tested Successfully since 1999, provides a secure flat roof perimeter detailing that Will enhance the 100k Of any commercial or domestic property.
  • Two Profile Types – Check Kerb Trim contains water on the roof and encourages drainage over the Drip Edge Trim and into the gutter.
  • Long Life – made of partly polystyrene so it retains its colour and flexibility, is UV stable, cannot rust and dirt washes off with a mild detergent.
  • Attractive Clean – components are produced in two standard colours, Black & White. Trims are delivered boxed, fully fabricated and include fixings and joint clips.
  • Cost Effective – material cost is compatible with other roof trim solutions, however low installation costs and minimal maintenance combine to make it a very economical solution.
  • Environmentally Friendly – made of partly recycled polystyrene, which is again recyclable.