Termination Bar 3.1mtrs – 10ft

Termination Bar 3.1mtrs – 10ft

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The Rubberall Aluminium Termination Bar comes in a 3.1mtrs/10ft length and is intended for attaching and sealing flashing termination.

How to use:

It is to be used on substrates which must be free from dust, dirt, oil, water and other contaminants. Wall areas above the Rubberall Aluminium Termination Bar must be waterproof. Apply the Rubberall Water Cut-Off Mastic between the substrate and flashing directly under where the Termination Bar is to be installed. Anchor bar through each pre-punched hole. Remove excess flashing material above termination bar. This is ideal in a situation where you have, for instance, two adjoining garage roofs and one is asphalt and you are fitting a Rubberall EPDM membrane.

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