Rubberall Seam Tape 3″ x 7.62m Roll

Rubberall Seam Tape 3″ x 7.62m Roll

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The Rubberall 3″ EPDM Seam Tape is used to join two pieces of Rubberall EPDM membrane together when it is not practical to complete the roof in one piece.

For example

“L” shaped Roof
The roof is too large for one piece of rubber
The Rubberall 3″ EPDM Seam Tape is:-

Easy to use
Watertight in adverse weather conditions
Withstands extreme weather conditions
The 3″ Rubberall EPDM Seam Tape is only available in 7.62m Rolls

How to use:-

Before you apply your Rubberall Seam Tape, ensure that your two pieces of Rubberall EPDM membrane that you wish to join are overlapping by 3”/75mm. You have to fold back the top layer and apply the Rubberall Seam Tape Primer to both surfaces and wait until the Primer is dry to the touch. Leaving the backing film on the Seam Tape, start at one end sticking the tape down onto the bottom piece of Rubberall EPDM membrane using your hand to smooth the tape down ensuring there are no bubbles or creases. Then allow the top EPDM membrane to fold back into position and then carefully peel away the backing film pulling at a 45 degree angle while smoothing the top membrane over the seam tape with your hand and for extra pressure, use a Seam Roller.

The Rubberall EPDM Seam Tape can be used to join the EPDM rubber membrane on to surfaces such as TPO and PVC roofing systems and can also be used to repair damaged PVC or TPO roofs which can prove extremely cost effective rather than replacing the whole Flat Roofing system. If you are adjoining the Rubberall EPDM membrane to Asphalt for instance it is advised that you use a Termination Bar with Rubberall Water Cut Off mastic.

If you’re unsure about the materials you need for your roof be sure to check out our Roof Calculator, so that we can do the work for you!