Metal Wall Flashing 70mm x 30mm x 2.5m

Metal Wall Flashing 70mm x 30mm x 2.5m

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The Metal Wall Flashing is used in conjunction with the Rubberall Lap Caulk Sealant to create a waterproof junction on wall junctions or up-stands.
It can also be used as a Gutter Edge Trim when installing Metal Edge Details. This installation requires an angle grinder to chase into the brickwork or render.

If you do not have an angle grinder you may use a termination bar along with MS sealant and water cut-off mastic to create a waterproof finish. (Create a bead of water cut-off mastic on the wall, behind the rubber and screw the termination bar onto this beading. Then finish the job with a bead of MS Sealant above the termination bar to ensure water tightness). Note: Wall must be flat for this type of installation.

When using the Metal Wall Flashing as an up-stand trim the membrane is dressed under the wall trim for a waterproof finish.

Dimensions:- Metal Wall Flashing 2.5m x 70mm x 30mm, edge trim systems

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