6″ Rubberall Reinforced Perimeter Strip / Lin meter

6″ Rubberall Reinforced Perimeter Strip / Lin meter

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Rubberall Reinforced Perimeter Strip (RPS) / RUSS (Reinforced Universal Secure Strip) for securing upstand details

Similarly with most single ply membranes, EPDM rubber membranes will try and shrink over time. By mechanically fixing a Reinforced Perimeter strip at all upstands it is possible to reduce the opportunity for the EPDM membrane to pull away from the upstand detail and will keep the EPDM secured.

The Rubberall Reinforced Perimeter Strip (RPS) also referred to as RUSS (Reinforced Universal Secure Strip) is a 150mm reinforced strip of EPDM with a bonding tape pre-applied along one edge. This bonding edge is chemically welded to the underside of the EPDM using Seam Tape Primer, meaning that the EPDM membrane does not require puncturing during installation.

Perimeter Tape may be fixed using fastening plates or a Rubberall Termination Bar with the appropriate fasteners for the substrate you are fixing to.

The Rubberall Reinforced Perimeter Strip is available in:-

per Linear m or per 30.48m Roll

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