Pipe Boots & Drain Outlets

Pipe Boots & Drain Outlets ~ EPDM Pipe Boots are widely used for flat and low-sloping domestic and commercial roofs worldwide. Designed to suit a range of pipe diameters, EPDM Pipe Boots are used to achieve a watertight seal between the roof deck and protruding pipework.

Wall outlets are synthetic EPDM rubber used on flat roofs with parapet walls to form a through wall outlet so that water can be dispersed into a drain hopper. EPDM Flashing Tapes and Tape Primer should be used to create waterproof finish in areas where water ingress is possible.

Rubber Roofing Systems can be installed either with the peel and stick tapes or sealed with liquid adhesives. EPDM Rubber is an extremely durable rubber roofing membrane containing Ethylene and Propylene, which are derived from oil and natural gas.

The following are available for watertight sealing:

EPDM Pipe Boot
Through Wall Drain Outlet 100mm x 100mm
Rain Water/Drain Outlet – 65 mm
Rain Water/Drain Outlet – 75 mm
Rain Water/Drain Outlet – 100mm

At Rubber Flat Roof, our vision is to ensure you have absolutely everything you need for your DIY roofing project – from the EPDM rubber membrane to the pipe boot – and that every product is high in quality and long lasting.

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